If you live or work in Irving Park, you may have noticed a few new neighbors have joined you on your walks or in your gardens recently. You must look closely to find them, but they have been hard at work, making honey harvested at Sloanstead.

New in 2016: 2lbs tall jars (limited qty available) and $1 discount if you return jars  WITH the ring. (the lid can be recycled)

As hobbyist beekeepers, our two hives produce more honey than we can personally consume.  We wish to share with you our limited and precious excess.  Please check out our availability on purchasing options.  Chicago area buyers only.  We do not ship at this time. Pickup or drop off can be arranged either downtown or in the Irving Park neighborhood.
bee on flower

Every year the taste of the honey will vary slightly based on what is available to the bees for harvest. Honey bees like to forage within a couple mile radius from their hive.  When you taste our honey, you’ll probably start to recognize the subtle sweet of white Linden flowers of spring, the light purple of mint in summer, and the warm yellow goldenrod of fall. All of these flavors combined give you a delicious bouquet to enjoy all year long.

On average, honey bees need 50 lbs of honey to tide them over from winter's onset until the next spring blossoms appear. Due to this, the supply of our honey available for sale is very limited since we only harvest a small portion of the bees’ full production each year. We choose not to alter the honey in any way, keeping it in its raw, unprocessed form as, “hive to table,“ pure as possible so you can enjoy our honey as nature intended.  We also never blend honey from previous years.  Buying from us you are guaranteed to have hyper local, single apiary, single year honey.