If you live or work in Irving Park, you may have noticed a few new neighbors have joined you on your walks or in your gardens recently. You must look closely to find them, but they have been hard at work, making honey harvested at Sloanstead.

As hobbyist beekeepers, our two hives produce more honey than we can personally consume.  We wish to share with you our limited and precious excess.  Please check out our availability on purchasing options.  Chicago area buyers only.  We do not ship at this time. Pickup or drop off can be arranged either downtown or in the Irving Park neighborhood.
bee on flower

** NEW **
We are proud to offer honey from the hives that started it all! If you’ve read the About section of our website, you’ll note that Rachel is the daughter of the “Bee Professor.” Rachel’s dad still keeps hives in the heart of mid-Michigan. These hives are nestled in a small pear and apple orchard where the bees forage from an abundance of summer blooms both domestic and wild, as well as apple blossoms, clover, and honeysuckle.  The honey is raw, unfiltered, and unprocessed, preserving our “hive to table” tradition. Please visit our Store or the Contact page to purchase!