2019 Harvest (Coming Soon)

This year was a hard year for the bees with the late spring, completely saturated non stop rain in June, and a very parched earth cracking July. This years yield is shaping up to be even lower than last year. We again partnered up with a local non profit, right next door in Old Irving, Keeler Gardens, to host two hives in their community learning garden. In 2018, they installed a pollinator habit and reached out to Sloanstead to host honey bees on site to help contribute to the pollinator community. A percentage of this years harvest is from the hives at Keeler in Old Irving as well as our hives in Irving Park.

Supplies will be very limited this year. We still need to extract the honey and bottle it up. Expect to be on sale in the next few weeks.

Keeler Gardens hosted our 2018 Hives. Sloanstead provided all husbandry & processing

As hobbyist beekeepers, our hives produce more honey than we can personally consume. We wish to share with you our limited and precious excess. Please check out our availability on purchasing options. Chicago area buyers only. We do not ship at this time. Pickup or drop off can be arranged either downtown or in the Irving Park neighborhood.

bee on flower

Natures Trace Soap

Handmade Soap, made with honey and beeswax from our hives! Please visit Natures Trace Co to see the complete lineup!