100% of the honey and honey products are from beehives located in the Irving Park neighborhoods of Chicago. We do not source honey from elsewhere in the state and sell it as Chicago honey.

2021 Harvest
Sold out)

2022 was a bad year for our bees. Unfortunately, we had losses in nearly all of our colonies early in the year and the bees to replace them didn't arrive until towards the latter half of the summer, when nectar flows had already tailed off. This means there was no excess honey to harvest and we will not be offering any for sale this year. We are as disappointed as you but such are the risks with nano farming.

We hope to be back next year but with Hurricane Ian's impact to the colonies that were overwintering in Florida, demand for bees will be high.

Keeler Gardens continues to host 2 of our Hives! Sloanstead provides all husbandry & processing.

As hobbyist beekeepers, our hives produce more honey than we can personally consume. We wish to share with you our limited and precious excess. Please check out our availability on purchasing options. Chicago area buyers only. We do not ship at this time. Contactless pickup can be arranged in the Irving Park neighborhood. Due to current health situation, we are not offering drop offs. Pickups are also not being offered downtown.

bee on flower

Handmade Soap, made with honey and beeswax from our hives! Please visit Nature's Trace Co. to see a wide variety of cold process soaps, inspired by our honeybees and garden.